Who's helped you navigate a big life decision?

When Anita and I started The Grand we asked our friends to nominate one person in their life who helped them navigate a big life decision. Our friends nominated their parents, their spiritual leaders, their eighth grade English teacher who inspired them to become a writer. Getting to know the life mentors who have inspired my friends has been my favorite part of building The Grand community. It's enabled me to create a more intergenerational personal board of advisors and deepened my relationship with friends by getting to know them from a new perspective.

As we approach Thanksgiving week, I'd love for us to reflect on the people who have generously guided us throughout our lives, and how we can honor them. Perhaps send one of your personal Grand Guides a thank you card to express your appreciation for the important role they've played in your life. Or consider nominating them to be a Grand Guide and giving them a platform to share their life experience and wisdom with a broader community.

Whichever you choose, here are a few prompts to help you express thanks.

Gratitude is always enhanced when made specific. Write them a note that includes:

  • A piece of advice they gave you that you reflect on often

  • An experience you shared that you cherish

  • A time their support made all the difference

Upcoming Sessions:

Modern Masculinity - 12/12: What does masculinity mean in the new context of society and business? How do you express your full range of emotions as a man? Join a group of men for a facilitated discussion led by Grand Guide Anthony Ware.

To Have Kids or Not - 12/18: Choosing to have kids is one of the biggest decisions we'll make in our lives. If you're exploring which path is right for you, and want to gain perspective from someone who consciously chose not to have kids, come to this session. Our Grand Guide for this discussion is Marci Alboher, a thought leader and former columnist for the New York Times who's written about what it means to leave a legacy in choosing a life without children.

Join Us

I'm grateful to each of you for your positive contribution to our community and our world. Thank you for being here.



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