Choosing to live life as a single person or with a partner

剩女. Sheng Nu. Leftover woman. It's a popular Chinese term for a woman who remains unmarried in her late twenties and beyond.

As soon as I hit my mid-twenties, "When are you going to find a boyfriend?" became a constant question from my family. I'd answer with a version of: "It's not important to me right now.” “I want to focus on my career.” Or, “I'm happy being single." My response was nearly always met with the same, cautionary warning, "Find one soon, you don't want to become a sheng nu."

Our culture positions couplehood as the norm, and the end goal we should all desire. The idea that someone would choose to build their life as a single person, and be capable of living a fulfilling one, is still foreign to many.

At The Grand, we want to reframe that narrative. Choosing to be single or have a partner is a personal lifestyle choice that can be manifested in countless ways. Each unique path is fulfilling in its own right, and we believe an equal emphasis should be placed on all of them.

This September, our Grand Sessions are designed to help you navigate which choice is right for you.

Living a Complete Life as Single Person on 9/26, led by Grand Guide Karen Wickre. At 68 and single for most of her life, Karen has passionately paved her own path whilst enjoying a long career in Silicon Valley. She is a master connector, most recently having authored a book on networking for introverts.

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How to Find the Right Life Partner on 9/12, led by Grand Guide Courteney Kaye. Courteney is a relationship coach who's helped hundreds of people find their life partner. This session was sold out, but we just released two more tickets. Grab them soon.

We invite you to explore these topics, and look forward to hearing about your experiences making this decision in your own life. If you have a question you'd like answered or valuable insight that may benefit others, please join the discussion on Twitter and Instagram, and of course you can always reply directly to me here.

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