How to Live a Meaningful Life

I've never identified as a spiritual person, until this year. My parents grew up in communist China, so serving the collective community was the commandment I was taught. Yet, as I've been working on The Grand and aiming to understand loneliness, I kept on coming across religion and spirituality. Then when I read How We Gather, a report by the Harvard Divinity School, I finally realized community and spirituality go hand in hand 🙌🏽.

Millennials are less religiously affiliated than ever before, but we are decidedly looking for spirituality. We're not the spiritual consumers of our parent's generation, rather we're seeking both a deep spiritual experience and a community experience, in combination, to provide meaning in our lives.

If you're on a personal journey to find community and spirituality, come to our next Grand Session on How to Live a Meaningful Life with Kathi Shaw. Kathi has 35 years of experience leading faith-based organizations, and has helped thousands of people connect in community and find their significance. We have just a few tickets left for the discussion on Wednesday, 7/24.

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Coming up in August:

💼 Balancing Work & Personal Life (8/1): How do we find more balance in our lives, without sacrificing the things that matter most? Join us for a Grand Session with one of my role models, Simran Kalra. Simran's not only launched several businesses globally, but has also raised her son on her own since he was 2 yrs old, and continued living a life full of travel and adventure.

🐣Making The Decision to Freeze Your Eggs (8/27): There is a lot of information on egg freezing these days, but how do you know if it's the right next step for you? Join us for a conversation with people who are actively thinking about this decision and our Grand Guide, Niki Choo, who's made this decision and will share her perspective.

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