How to talk about money with your partner

As an entrepreneur and former venture capital investor, it is my job to understand finances and have conversations about money. However, when it comes to personal relationships, I always feel awkward and often times anxious when discussing money. I never know when to bring it up or how to go about the conversation when in a new relationship, and more often than not, put off broaching the topic.

Having a regular dialogue about money correlates to a happy relationship. According to TD Ameritrade’s Love & Money Survey, 90% of happy couples discuss finances at least once a month, and on the flipside, 65% of divorces are attributed to money.

If ❤️ and 💰 are on your mind, join us for our next Grand Session on 10/28 with Grand Guides Aditi Shekar and her husband Dalmar Hussein. Aditi is the CEO of Zeta, whose mission is to help couples get smarter about money and have more successful relationships. Together, they'll share how they've approached talking about money throughout their relationship and how the conversation has evolved from the early days of dating to living together, adopting two dogs, getting married, and buying a house.

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I'm grateful for our Grand community and all of your efforts fostering knowledge and wisdom. One of my favorite reads this week was shared by Grand Member Aanchal DharA Couple in Chicago: A 1996 interview offering a unique glimpse into former President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama's beautiful relationship.

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