What's your Enneagram?

Dear Grand Fam,

I'm a 2w3. That means I'm an Enneagram type 2, a Helper who needs to be needed, with characteristics of a type 3, an Achiever who's focused on the presentation of success in order to attain validation.

What's an Enneagram? A model of the human psyche that represents nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world.

Reading my Enneagram description is 😬, the words are harsh and cuts straight to my core. There's no flattery or sugar-coating, but it reveals the realest me.

During a recent Grand Session on Deepening Your Relationship with Aging Parents, Akhil brought up Ennegrams as a tool he uses to better understand himself, and his family. Akhil's been using Enneagrams as a framework for self-exploration and a tool to build empathy in his relationships. Over the years, he's observed the type you turn into during growth or stress moments is often the type of your parents, and that's helped him better approach hard conversations with his family.

Fascinated by how he's applied Enneagrams to better relate to himself others, I asked Akhil to be a Grand Guide and lead our next Grand Session. Join us for Using Enneagrams to Understand Yourself and Your Relationships in SF on Thursday, July 11th. This is going to be an interactive workshop, so we're capping it at 10 people, see you there.

Coming up in July — Friendships. How do you make new friends as a grown-up? Where do you find time to invest in friends who live far away? How do you build a community around you and find belonging as a busy person who's always moving? Early access to this session with Kathi is open now.

Our first guidebook 📚! In April we featured Rebecca as the host for a Grand Session on How to Nurture Interracial Relationships. Many of you asked about the insights and takeaways, so we created a guidebook. I'm really excited to share a preview with you all today. The core reason Anita and I started The Grand is to make wisdom more accessible, to share human knowledge across generations, to enable everyone to better navigate their own journey, and we hope this guidebook helps do that. We'll be publishing the full guidebook on our website later this week. As our earliest champions, we wanted to share a preview with you first.

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Thank you for your continued support 💖,